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Practice Areas – Classic 1 Column

Civil Litigation

Civil Litigation. Civil Litigation refers to the court process that deals with drafting of civil claims including but not limited to monetary and specific performance claims. The processes involve letters of demand, issuing of summons, appearances to defend, and in some cases litigation in Courts and...
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Criminal litigation

Criminal Litigation involves attendances to police station interviews and questioning, Bail applications in the Magistrates Court and High Court and in some instances, bail appeals in the Supreme Court. Criminal trials and applications in the criminal court also form part of the field of criminal...
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Family Law

Common family law subjects include divorce or annulment, child custody and visitation rights, child support payments, and spousal support/alimony. Family law specifically deals with children in regards to adoption, guardianship, state child protection, and domestic violence. Family law is a sensitive and personal area that we...
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Capital Market

Securities / Capital Markets Law. Securities/Capital Markets Law is the practice area of lawyers who represent entities that issue securities to raise capital, security holders seeking to sell their securities, or banks and investment banks that underwrite and sell such securities.The Zimbabwe capital market is...
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Employment Law

Employment law is the collection of laws and rules that regulate relationships between employers and employees. Our advisory services follow the full cycle of an employer/employee relationship from recruitment, immigration, employment contracts and remuneration, company employment policies/codes of conduct (working in conjunction with human resources),...
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Corporate Law

Corporate law is the body of law governing the rights, relations, and conduct of persons, companies, organizations and businesses. It refers to the legal practice relating to, or the theory of corporations. Our corporate law department provides support to private companies, government institutions, non governmental...
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