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About Us

About Us

Samukange Hungwe Attorneys is a legal practice registered with the Law Society of Zimbabwe in terms of the Legal Practitioner’s Act.

The firm is based in Harare and is a full services practice that is composed of a team of young, dynamic lawyers and support staff that epitomise a 21st century practice.

At Samukange Hungwe Attorneys our clients’ interests come first. Everything we do is guided by our clients’ needs and our professional ethics. We ensure that our practitioners and support staff are well experienced and are leaders in their fields of expertise.

We hire and work with external experts and continuously provide training and development to our practitioners in their fields of expertise in order to provide the best all round service to our clients.

Our Promise To You

Our first commitment is to provide our clients with innovative legal services. If you come to us, you will experience excellence. That is not negotiable, ever. The second is accountability. We carefully consider our clients’ needs, advise our clients of their legal position frankly and we will always act only in our clients’ interests within the bounds of our professional ethics.

The third is accessibility. These days it often seems everything is automated, there is little or no personal contact. That is not our way. We strive to find ways to share knowledge, to be available to our clients.

The fourth, and last, commitment is finding a way to make legal services affordable. That can only happen by beginning with a proper understanding of what is involved, what is important to our clients, and considering all the available options for dealing with the problems Murphy’s law tells us cannot be avoided. We always do that. Only you will be able to say whether we live up to these promises. But we are confident our clients experience a service, and commitment, that places us apart.

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  • Our firm’s vision is to provide legal services to all persons, businesses or institutions, to offer practical solutions to our valued clients and to be recognised as world class full service law firm.
  • We focus on all aspects of legal issues in all its dimensions and with a result-oriented perspective.
  • We have a reputation for providing exceptional legal services of the highest quality and works with professionals specialised in different areas of law.
  • We strive hard to defend the honour of our profession by adopting the high degree of professionalism and create an environment that fosters a strong cooperate culture which translates itself to a holistic application of law.
  • Our mission is to provide sensible, knowledgeable, strategic assistance and advice to our local, regional and international clients. The firm works with its own team as well as a large team of consultants made up of the country’s leading expert, academics and practitioners aim to ensure that its clients have access to up to date and accurate information.
  • We produce a special solution for each client and uses time effectively considering the urgency of the issue. We adhere to the principles of equality and ensure that all our clients regardless of race, age and economic background are treated with the same level of respect and guaranteed the best service.
  • Furthermore, solution driven, pragmatic, open- minded, personal and good quality is what we stand for. The unique client focused approach coupled with high degree of responsiveness has kept the firm in the forefront and involved in headline litigation, arbitration and transactions in the country.